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Energo saving instruments of the new generation and economical systems of the heating
What is a - energo saving electrodes caldrons?
Environmentally cleanings, small, reliable and economical.

All heatings and heaters devices of the company "GALAN " certificate|, patent|, have a commodity
Universality of these devices allows to connect them to the system of heating of any apartment, provides
warming up and additional circulation of warmly transmitter
to the level of the first floor without setting of
additional pump (working pressure is to 2 atmospheres).
Due to the presence of automatic devices and designers decisions devices fully electro- - and fire is safe. Can
work round-the-clock in the automatic mode.
For the yet greater increase of economy and reliability of the heating system working with the devices of the
company "GALAN", the special antifreeze is developed with the temperature of freezing - 25 .
    We offer to you supplying with the different equipment for heating of dwellings and productions apartments, executed on the unique Energo saving technology developed on the conversion program  of enterprises Military-industrial complex of Russia. Attained  as a result of it the considerable decline of cost (as compared to similar foreign standards) is not unique advantage of our equipment. These advantages are:
1. High coefficient of efficiency (to 98%) attained due to the use of new method of transformation of
electric energy in warmly without mediators;
2. Reduction of the real time of work of equipment and economy (from 40% to 60%) of consumable electric
power due to application of electronic digital regulators of temperatures;
3. Possibility of round-the-clock automatic maintenance necessary to you stable comfort temperature in the
heated apartment and absence, in this connection, to the necessity of the hand adjusting of power of the
heating system;
4. Possibility of setting of this equipment in the dwellings and official apartments without the concordance
with the organs of supervision (Rules of device and exploitation of electrodes caldrons);
5.  Possibility of the use set earlier pipes and radiators of heating;
6. The use in the system of heating of special warmly transmitter allows to unite not it from the system of
heating at the protracted interruption in the use of caldron even in winter time (for example, on a summer
residence). The temperature of freezing of warmly transmitter of is equal with minus 25 C;
7. Absence of necessity of maintenance of auxiliary personnel even at the use of caldrons of large power.
    There is yet a row attractive from point of economy, comfort and safety of technical descriptions. In the complement of the equipment offered by us enter:
*electrodes caldrons of , by power from 3 to 25 kW for the apartments by volume of from 120 to
800 m3;
*for the corrosion protection  of heaters elements;
*warmly transmitter from the freezing with t -
25 ;
*circulations pumps for the systems of heating;
*electron  digital regulators of temperatures for the management by the systems of heating and
maintenance of comfort temperature in the apartment;
*stoves for saunas and Russians bath with band heaters elements and digital blocks of management, with the
from 5 to 30m volume of apartments 3.
    The firm carries out supplying with the equipment, calculation of the systems of heating, editing of the systems  turnkey. Possibly technical maintenance of the set systems. The guarantee term of the sold equipment is 1 year.
Stand - a system in work
Caldrons (blacks)  and automatic devices
Description, technical descriptions, features of work.
 Electro- water heater "" is an electrode caldron running as, from what at once his advantage begins to show up before other heaters devices is it does not require the concordance on setting with the organs of organs of the control ("Rules of device and exploitation of electrodes caldrons").
 Process of heating of liquid for heating in electro- water heater
"" takes place due to his ionization, I.e. breaking up of molecules of liquid for heating on positive and negatively charged ions which move, accordingly, to the negative and positive electrodes, selecting energy here, I.e. the process of heating of liquid for heating goes straight, without a "mediator" (for example electrospiral heating).
 Ionization chamber, where this process is, small size, the sharp warming-up of liquid for heating and, as a result, increase of his pressure follows therefore (at maximal power of device are to 2 atmospheres). Thus, electro- water heater of
"" is simultaneously a heater device and circulation pump, that saves quite a bit facilities to the user.
Basic parameters and sizes of heatings electric caldrons of
 consumable tension, V
 heated apartment, m3
 volume of liquid for heating, litre
 consumable strength of current, max, A
 consumable power, max, kW
 max temperature on output,
 mass, kg
 diameter, mm
 length, mm
 connecting to the heating system, muffs of remote control
    Electro water heater "" is the exactly counted, tunes in itself on necessary consumable power device. There is diminishing of his electric resistance at heating of liquid for heating. Electric current passing through electrodes is increased, consumable power is accordingly increased. Electro- water heater begins gradually to "collect" electric power and give it as a heat to liquid for heating. Final consumable power will depend on the temperature of liquid for heating and his amount set by an user.
    Electro- water heater
"" is completed by automation, which allows to the user not only to set the temperature of radiators or temperature of air necessary to it in the apartment but also automatically to support it round-the-clock, including and turning off electro- water heater.
To the features of work of electro water heater "" it is necessary to deliver his surprising
Disconnecting of heating caldron at the short circuit of electric current.
systems of heating
at exceeding of nominal current.
Disconnecting of heating caldron
at exceeding of the set temperature of radiators or air in the apartment.
Disconnecting of the system of heating
in the case of absence of liquid for heating (a loss is in the heating system).
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